Although Jordan is a small country but a very unique and rewarding travel destination offering an extraordinary array of relics of the world’s great civilizations, stunning landscapes, spectacular sights, diverse accommodation, exquisite mouth-watering cuisine and numerous activities that would keep you inspired and rejuvenated.

The country has attracted ancient travelers and continues to captivate explorers and exceed all expectations with its diverse and exquisite beauty. The breathtaking rock carved ancient city of Petra, the remarkable Roman city of Jerash, the mighty Crusader fortress of Kerak, the biblical sites of Mount Nebo & Bethany, the stunning rugged desertscape of Wadi Rum, the unmatched floating experience on the Dead Sea waters at the lowest point on earth and the palm-fringed coastal retreat of the Red Sea resort of Aqaba, with its underwater glittering paradise. For adventure lovers, Jordan offers a diversity of activities such as hiking in spectacular canyons and hot springs along the Rift Valley, trekking in different Nature Reserves, rock climbing in the rugged mountains of Wadi Rum and Petra, horse and camel riding with the Bedouins in the desert, Paragliding and hot air balloon tours over Wadi Rum.

Apart from the countless mesmerizing treasures that Jordan has to offer, Jordanians are renowned for their kindness and are noted for their hospitality making ones trip through their lands a truly memorable one.