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Dana is one of the largest and most beautiful protected areas in the kingdom, famed for its spectacular scenery and commanding views.

The reserve stretches from the peaks of the Sharaa Mountains in the east, with an elevation of around 1,800 meters above sea level, descending across gorges with sheer rock walls, down to the beautiful dunes in the Rift Valley of Wadi Araba at sea level.

With Dana’s natural and diverse ecosystem, it is perfect for supporting wildlife. More than 45 species of mammals were spotted at the reserve including the ibex, the mountain gazelle and the caracal, which inhabits the lower rocky areas, and a variety of other animals roam the sheltered valleys, such as the red fox, the badger, the wolf, the wild cat, the jackal and the striped hyena.

The wide variety of plants and tree cover including juniper, citrus, desert acacias and palm trees, makes Dana home to more than 180 species of birds including the crested lark, chukar, partridge, great grey shrike, Sinai rosefinch and pale crag martin.

The reserve offers numerous hiking trails, a guesthouse located at the charming 15th century stone Village with fantastic views of the valley below, a campsite at the Rummana area; in the upper parts of the reserve overlooking Wadi Dana and a lodge at Feynan in the lower valley below.

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