Little Petra

Attractions   >   LITTLE PETRA ( SIQ EL-BARID & BEIDHA )

About 14 km north of the ancient city of Petra is Little Petra, a miniature Petra with a modest gorge ( Siq el-Barid ) that leads into the area of carved tombs and monuments. Of interest is the Painted Cave which is believed to have been a shelter for a sect focused on Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, as it contains remains of Greek-style plaster artwork, quite unique for Petra, displaying tangled vines and flowers with brightly colored birds and Cupid-like figures.

A kilometer further to the southwest of Siq el-Barid is one of the region’s most important archaeological sites, the 6,800 BC Neolithic village of Beidha which was inhabited, long before the Nabateans, by the New Stone Age people where over 60 stone-built structures have been discovered among the ruins of this early farming community.

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