Mujib Nature Reserve

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The wonderful Mujib Reserve is one of the most enchanting nature reserves in Jordan offering delightful adventurous hikes of different grades along its water filled canyons, crystal-clear pools and waterfalls.

The reserve is located in the Dead Sea area, at 418 meters below sea level, and extends up to the mountains of Madaba and Kerak, at 900 meters above sea level.

The variation in elevations and permanent water flow creates a magnificent bio-diversity which represents a typical habitat for the different species of plants and animals in particular the elusive mountain goat, the Ibex which inhabit the upper sandstone cliffs.

The wet trails, which include wading through the pools and scrambling over boulders, are open between 1st of April and 31st of October for fear of flash floods during winter, while the dry trails are open between 1st of November and 31st of March.